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Unit 25
Factory Tour

English for the workplace/Communication skills


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What is the nearest factory near you? What does that factory manufacture / make?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. suppliers (n.) 供應商
We are the suppliers of salmons.

2. facility (n.) 設施
The facility is built in 1970s.

3. operations (n.) 生產
The operation of this machine is simple.

4. location (n.) 廠址
We must decide on the location of our new swimming pool.

5. impressive (adj.) 印象深刻
The machines are so big and impressive.

6. customers (n.) 顧客
The store has a lot of regular customers.

7. employees (n.) 員工
The firm has 1000 employees.

8. equipment (n.) 設備
Our main equipment is imported from the US.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

It’s great to finally meet you in person, Mr. Chen. You’re one of our most important suppliers. I’ve been looking forward to visiting your factory.
Chen先生,很高興見到您。 您是我們最重要的供應商之一。 我一直很期待來參觀您的工廠。

It’s my pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Rogers. Shall we get started?
Rogers先生,我也很高興見到您。 我們開始參觀吧?

Certainly! Is this a new facility?
好! 這是新建成的嗎?

Yes, this is our new location. We moved our operations here last year. Our old factory was 30,000 square meters. This is double the size.
是的,這是我們的新廠址。 去年剛把生產搬到這裡。 我們的舊工廠有30000平方米,新廠面積是其兩倍大。

That’s quite impressive. Business must be going well.
真令人印象深刻。 生意一定很好吧。

Yes, and we are still growing. We are getting new customers and new orders all the time. And I must thankyou for the business you keep bringing us!
是呀,我們還在不斷增長。 新顧客越來越多,新訂單天天都有。 我真得感謝您一直以來對我們的支援!

That’s great to hear! What about your employees? How many people work here?
真是好消息! 您的員工怎麼樣? 有多少人在這工作?

Right now almost 300 people, including factory and office workers

Is the equipment new as well?

Yes, mostly. When we moved here, we upgraded to top-of-the-line equipment. We hope to deliver products at the highest quality.
恩,多數是的。 我們搬廠后,就升級到了頂級設備。 我們希望製造品質最佳的產品。

We’ve been very satisfied with the quality of your products. Can we take a look at your production area now?
我們對貴廠產品的品質非常滿意。 現在我們可以看看你們的生產區域嗎?

Sure. Before we go in, please put on this helmet. We put safety first in our factory.
沒問題。 去那之前,請戴上這個頭盔。 我們廠視安全高於一切。

Let's Practice

Make it right.

We are getting new ______ and new orders all the time.


What about your ________? How many people work here?


“Is this a new facility?” means: _____ .

A.Is this a new company?
B.Is this a new establishment?
C.Is this a new equipment?
D.Is this a new setup?

Yes, this is our new location.  We moved our ____ here last year.


Yes, and we are still __(1.)__ . We are getting new __(2.)__and new orders all the time. And I must thankyou for the __(3.)__you keep bringing us!

business / work / adding / growing / costumers / customers 


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What factory would you like to have a tour on?
2.What would you like to learn in that specific factory?