Unit 30
Time management

Workplace English/Workplace Communication


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

Have you ever encountered a difficulty in managing your time and tasks?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. swamped (n.) 淹沒,浸沒
The horses were swamped in the stream.

2. hiccups (n.) 小問題
We can’t let any small hiccups slow us down.

3. prioritize (v.) 確定優先次序
Learn to prioritize what is important.

4. coordinating (adj.) 協調,配合
Coordinating with your workmates is also essential.

5. key to (phr.) 的關鍵
Teamwork is the key to success!

6. conscientious (adj.) 勤勉認真的,一絲不苟的
Always be a conscientious listener.

7. delegating (n.) 分配,指派
Delegating tasks makes managing easy.

8. alleviate (v.) 減輕;緩和
This medicine should alleviate your heartburn.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Christina, am I going to see those reports on my desk before the deadline this time?

I’ve been swamped this week, but you should have them in time.

I hope so. We don’t need any hiccups because you failed to prioritize assignments accordingly.
希望如此。 我們不想因為你沒有劃分任務的優先順序而耽擱。

Don’t worry, I’ve been closely coordinating with the other team members. We’re on top of it.
別擔心,我一直在和其他組員密切合作。 我們能處理好。

OK. Just remember time management is key to your role and our success.
好的。 記住時間管理是你的角色和我們的成功的關鍵。

Understood. While we’re on the topic, could you please be more conscientious of my workload when delegating tasks?
瞭解。 既然談到這個話題,可以在分配任務時對我的工作量再多一些考慮嗎?

Sure. I’ll keep that in mind and do my best to alleviate the stress you and the team feel.
當然。 我會注意並盡量減輕你和團隊的壓力的。

Thanks. We’ve set short-term and long-term goals like you instructed, but we still get bogged down.
謝謝。 我們已經按照你的指示確立了短期和長期目標,但我們的進度還是停滯不前。

That’s often how it goes with these big projects. Let me know if you ever have trouble coping.
這些大項目經常是這樣。 如果你遇到問題可以告訴我。

I think I’ll be alright. However, I think we should give further consideration to future scheduling.
我想我可以的。 但是,我覺得我們應該進一步考慮未來的日程安排。

Agreed. Once everything is all caught up with, let’s set aside some time to see how we can optimize the whole process.
同意。 一旦所有的事情都完成了,讓我們留出一些時間來看看如何優化整個過程。


Be on top of sth.

“To be on top of sth” is an idiom that means “to be in control of a situation” or “to be fully informed about something.” It’s frequently used to assure someone that a problem or task is under control and is being dealt with appropriately.

Likewise, Christina uses this idiom in today’s dialogue to assure her boss that the team is in control and the work is being done.

1. They’re always on top of their game.

2. Don’t worry. We’re on top of the problem.

3. If we don’t get on top of the whole global warming issue, the consequences will be catastrophic.

4. __________________________________________________________.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What do you think is the importance of learning how to manage your time and tasks, in your future career?