Unit 26
Signing a sales contract

Workplace English/Communication Skills


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

How do you think you will know, if a contract is legitimate or not?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. touch base (v.) 談
He’ll touch base with you about the meeting.

2. pull some strings (phr.) 找找關係
I need to pull some strings to get a promotion.

3. go the extra mile (phr.) 盡心盡力,不嫌麻煩
I always go the extra mile when I am working.

4. goods (adj.) 商品
The goods are now safe and ready.

5. rights (adj. 權利
You will enjoy your rights in the contract.

6. obligations (n.) 義務
Please, fulfill your obligations dutifully.

7. receipt(n.) 收貨
I will give you the receipt of this purchase.

8. modifications (n.) 修訂
Have you made the modifications yet?


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Jay, I’ve gone over the contract. But I have some questions about paragraph 1.
Jay, 我看過合約了。 但是我對第一段有些疑問。

Okay, I’m all ears.

The date listed on the contract is July 30, that’s next month!

Oh yes, I did want to talk to you about that. We’ve had a backup in the shipment of glass screens, so we might not be able to ship them to you until then.
啊對,我想跟你說來著。 我們的玻璃螢幕運送有所延遲,所以可能無法在下月30日之前送達你們。

Well Jay, that may be a problem on my end.

Our number of clients has increased significantly in the past month and we weren’t prepared for that. I’ll touch base with you in a few weeks; we may be able to get your shipment to you by the original date. Since you’re one of my most valuable clients, I may be able to pull some strings.
我們的客戶數量上個月大增,有點措手不及。 再過幾周我會和你再談,說不定能在原日期把貨運給你。 你是我最有價值的客戶之一,我也許能夠找些關係。

I appreciate it, Jay. You always go the extra mile for us!
我很感謝,Jay。 麻煩你了。

It’s the least I could do!

I have another question about the description of goods section. The order says we are getting the W390 model of glass screens, but I want the newest model.
另一個問題是關於產品描述部分的。 訂單說會給我們W390型的玻璃螢幕,但我們想要最新型號的。

Unfortunately, those screens won’t be available until November.

Ahh, I see. Okay, here’s another one under buyer’s rights and obligations. It says “the buyer has the right to examine the goods upon receipt and has 10 days in which to notify the seller of any claim for damages.” Is that correct? Our previous contracts said 15 days.
啊,知道了。 另一個是買家權利與義務部分的。 它說「買家有權在收貨時查驗產品,並在10天內告知賣家任何損壞索賠。 “是這樣嗎? 我們之前的合同上都是15天。

That’s correct, we recently changed our policy. But I’ll see if we can still use 15 days for your case since you’ve been with us for a long time.
是這樣,我們最近改的規定。 但是你是我們的老客戶了,我會看看能不能給你15天。

Please do. I appreciate that. Also, I’ll need you to change something under the attestation section.
請一定做到,我非常感謝。 還有,認證部分下面有些地方需要改動。員是跟得上節奏還是需要更多培訓。

What is it?

My official title has changed. I’m no longer Manager of Product Development; I’m now Director of Product Development.
我的職銜變了。 我不再是產品發展經理,現在我是產品發展總監。

Got it! I’ll make some modifications and shoot you an email with the new copy.
好的! 我會做好修訂,然後把新版合同電郵給你。

Thanks, Jay!


Present perfect tense(現在完成時)

The present perfect tense is used to say that an action happened at an unspecified time before now. However, you can‘t use this tense with a specific time, such as: 8:00, yesterday or last week. The present perfect tense is formed with a has/have plus the past participle.

1.   I have had water all day.

2.   She has seen that movie 8 times.

3.   We have been here before.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What are the things that you will consider, before putting your signature in a sales contract?