unit 25.1

Unit 27
Health Insurance Plan

Overseas life/Medical Health


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What do you think is the importance of a health insurance plan?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. health insurance plan (phr.) 健康保險計劃
Having a health insurance plan is essential.

2. queries (n.) 問題
Do you have queries about this plan?

3. senior executives (phr.) 高級主管
Our senior executives will brief you about this.

4. dental (adj.) 牙科的
Our health insurance plan will cover your dental fees.

5. coverage  (n.) 保險覆蓋
The health plan coverage is wide.

6. premium (n.) 保費
It is recommended to upgrade to premium.

7. deductible (adj.) 免賠額
The expenses are deductible to your plan.

8. maternity (n.) 孕產
Trainee nurses have to work for some weeks in maternity.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Jaime, Mr. Davis said you had some questions concerning your health insurance plan.
Jaime, Davis先生說你對健康保險方案有問題要問。

Yes, I have many queries. First, what plan are my family and I getting?
是的,我有許多問題要問。 首先,我和我家人拿到的是什麼保險?

All our senior executives receive the Gold plan.

What does the Gold plan include?

You’ll receive both dental and vision coverage. You can also opt out of the Gold plan if you are willing to pay a higher monthly premium for the Platinum plan. The Platinum plan covers you when you travel outside of the US.
你的牙科和視力都有保險覆蓋。 你如果願意每月多花些保金,買鉑金方案的話,也可以選擇退掉黃金方案。 即便你在美國之外,鉑金方案依然提供保險覆蓋。

The Gold plan is fine. Is there a deductible?
黃金方案就可以。 有什麼免賠額嗎?

No deductible.

Do I need to pay anything for an office visit?

Yes, you do. For a primary care doctor you should pay $20, and for a specialist doctor you’ll need to pay $40… Oh, and for an urgent care visit it’s $55.
你需要的。 初級護理醫生需付20美元,專科醫生40美元…緊急護理55美元。

What about for inpatient hospitalization?

You’ll need to pay 20%, and for outpatient you’ll also need to pay 20%. If you get a lab test you’ll need to pay $20 for that, and if you get an x-ray it’ll be $40.
你需要付20%,門診也是一樣。 如果你要做化驗,你要付20美元,x光要付40美元。

My wife is pregnant; will all her maternity expenses be covered?

She’ll need to pay 20%.

Is there a significant price gap between purchasing generic and brand prescription drugs?

Yes, there is. Generic drugs are $19; where as preferred brands are $50.
是的,差價大。 非專利葯19美元;品牌藥50美元。

Wow! That’s quite a difference… What about eye exams? My son has a few eyesight problems and he frequently visits the optometrist.
哇! 這差的真大… 眼科檢查呢? 我兒子視力有些問題,經常得去看驗光師。

Well, you’re in luck because pediatric eye exams and eyeglasses won’t cost you a penny.



Usage of Need to(need to 的用法)

We use need to talk about things we think are necessary to do.
We can use two different structures need / needs to and need / needs –ing; we’ll be talking about the former structure, the need to structure.

We use need to when we want to talk about something that‘s necessary for someone to do; and we usually mention who is going to do it. Here’s how you’d form a sentence with need to: subject + need to + verb

1. I need to go to the supermarket.

2. You need to pay this bill.

3. They’ll need to park on the other side of the driveway


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What other insurance plans are you interested to invest into?