Corporate training programs

Unit 16
Corporate training programs

English for the workplace/Communication in workplace


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

Have you attended training programs?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. mundane (adj.) 平凡無奇的
Be mundane enough to accept apologies.

2. interactive whiteboards (phr.) 互動式電子白板
We should put an interactive whiteboard here.

3. taking advantage of (phr.) 利用
They are taking advantage of you?

4. capabilities (n.) 能力
We should enhance their capabilities.

5. gamify (n.) 遊戲化
Let us gamify the training! It’ll be fun!

6. engaged (n.) 吸引
It is hard to keep the employees engaged.

7. enhance (v.) 增強
How can we enhance their participation?

8. track (n.) 追蹤
Track the budget for me.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Greg, my problems with our corporate training program are it’s too inconvenient; and it’s mostly classroom-based and paper-based with only a few software programs. That’s all outdated now.


Well, what would you suggest?

I recommend an app for an iPad or iPhone. And other features like videos, links, eBooks, forums, etc. We need a variety of online reference tools to help learners absorb knowledge quickly and conveniently.
我推薦在iPad或是iPhone上的一款應用,或是其他工具,例如視頻、連結、電子書、論壇等。 我們需要不同的在線工具來幫助學生快速便捷的吸收知識。

Those are good ideas, especially since not everyone learns from sitting in a classroom all day. We definitely need lots of tools that’ll cater to all different types of learners.
這些主意不錯,特別因為不是每個人都從早到晚坐在教室里。 我們肯定需要很多工具來迎合不同學生的需求。

We’ve received feedback in the past about how mundane the courses are. We have interactive whiteboards in our classrooms, but we aren’t taking advantage of all their capabilities.
我我們過去收到過反饋說我們的課程很單調。 我們在課堂中使用電子交互白板系統,但是我們並沒有充分利用它的潛在價值。

We need to gamify some of our material; add fun games to our interactive whiteboards. Games will help the learners stay engaged and stimulated, so they can soak up the knowledge.
我們需要把材料遊戲化,在我們的電子交互白板系統中加一些遊戲。 這些遊戲會讓學習者堅持參與並保持積極性,這樣他們就能吸收知識了。

Yes, we definitely need to get learners engaged with the content. But I doubt our instructional designers have the skills to deliver that. That’s why I suggest we look at third-party solutions.
是的,我們絕對需要讓學生參與到課程內容中來。 但是我不覺得我們的課程設計員能做到這點。 這就是為什麼我建議 我們看看第三方解決方案。

Do you have any recommendations?

I looked at quite a few. There are some good solutions out there. The key is that we choose programs that enhance the learning experience and effectively track performance.
我找了一些,有些不錯的解決方案。 關鍵是我們要選擇一個能有效增強學習效果,並能有效追蹤學習記錄的專案。

Can they be integrated into our learning management system?

Many can. The implementation doesn’t seem to be that complicated. But I will need to get IT to take a closer look.
很多都是可以的,安裝看起來並沒有那麼難。 但是我會讓技術部進一步看一下的。

What about costs?

Many of these solutions have a subscription model. So we pay for the number of accounts we’d like to have. It will give us the flexibility to run limited pilots before rolling it out company wide.
很多解決方案都是訂閱制的。 所以我們按照我們購買賬戶的數量來付款。 所以在我們普及到全公司之前可以買一些試用一下。

Sounds like you’ve got a plan. For our next meeting, can you give me a detailed proposal for how you’d like to improve our training program? We’ll take it from there.
聽起來你已經有計劃了。 那我們下次開會的時候,能請你給我一份詳細的企劃談談你要怎麼提高我們的培訓專案嗎?我們到時再談。

Got it!

Let's Practice

Make it right.

That’s all ________now.


 I _______ an app for an iPad or iPhone.


“get learners engaged with the content.” means: ______.

A.get learners busy.
B.get learners interested.
C.get learners active.
D.get learners occupied.

We’ve received feedback in the past about how _______ the courses are.


 I __(1.)__ an app for an iPad or iPhone. And other__(2.)__like videos, links, eBooks, __(3.)__, etc.

suggest / recommend / characteristics / features / forums / sessions


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.How do you think do the training programs help an employees’ performance?