Tips on making

Unit 09
Tips on making individual sales

English for the workplace/Communication in workplace


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

How do you think do salesman and woman make their first sale of the day?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. insight (n.) 洞察力,眼光
Good teachers have insight into children’s emotions.

2. capacity (n.) 能力
The auto plant now has an annual capacity of 12,000 cars.

3. defining  (v.) 定義
Be sure that you are defining it correctly.

4. pricing structure (n.) 價格體系
The pricing structure goes from cheap to expensive.

5. revenue goals (phr.) 收入目標
What are your revenue goals?

6. revenue history (phr.) 收入歷史
Can I see the revenue history?

7. blueprint (n.) 藍圖
I can give you the blueprint of the program.

8. business development (phr.) 商業發展
Enroll in a business development course.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Ok, if we are all here, let’s get started. First of all, I’d like you to please join me in welcoming Jack Peterson, Vice President and Co-founder of Professional Strategies Consulting. Jack is a recognized expert in sales, marketing and social media.
好的,如果我們都到齊了就開始吧。 首先,我想請大家和我一起歡迎副總裁和專業策略諮詢公司的聯合創始人,JackPetersin先生。 Jack是銷售、市場行銷及社交媒體方面的知名專家。

Well thank you for the warm welcome, Tiffany! And hello everyone. So, I’m here today specifically to discuss ways of improving individual sales. Now one of the best and simplest ways to do this is to create an individual sales plan.

As we all know, sales professionals have the freedom to direct what they do every moment of every day. We rely on experience, insight, and creativity when deciding where to go, who to see and when to follow up. So planning is incredibly important to us! A personal sales plan can be your roadmap to success. An individual sales plan isn’t as fancy and complicating as it sounds; it’s actually quite simple!

感謝熱烈的歡迎Tiffany! 大家好! 那麼,我今天到場就是要談談提高個人銷售業績的方法。 最好也是最簡單的方法是 創建一個個人銷售計劃。

就像我們都知道的那樣,專業的銷售人員有權利決定他們每天每時做什麼。 我們依靠經驗、見解、及創造力來決定去 哪兒、去見誰、去跟誰的單。 所以計劃對我們來說是最重要的! 一個個人的銷售計劃可以是指引你成功的路線圖。 銷售計劃不應該是像它聽起來那樣花裡胡哨又不實用的,其實是很簡單的!

First of all, your sales plan should take into consideration your own capacity, ambition, and desire for income. Keeping this in mind, there are a few simple steps to consider when creating your sales plan.

Start by defining the value of your product or service. Analyze your position in the market and be sure to examine your pricing structure. Outline your long-term and short-term revenue goals. But be as realistic as possible in your forecast. If you have to, use your recent revenue history as a guide. This is where it’s important to create new opportunities for yourself in the future and give yourself some goals.

These objectives should specifically define what you intend to achieve and by when. They should provide you with a blueprint for your individual sales strategies. Creating a written sales plan makes it easy to refer back to your goals frequently!

首先,你的銷售計劃應該考慮到你個人的能力、野心、及想要的收入。 記住這幾點,在你做銷售計劃的時候有幾個簡 單的步驟需要考慮。

從定義你的產品的價值開始。 分析你所處的市場定位,保證你的定價是沒有問題的。 列出你的長線及短線的收入目 標。 但是在你做預期的時候要實際一點,有必要的話,用最近的收入歷史作為參考依據。 這是為你自己的未來創造新機 遇並給你自己訂新目標的時候。

這些目標應該是特別定義你想到達到的目的及達成的時間。 他應該要給你展現一幅你個人銷售策略的藍圖。 寫下一份銷售計劃讓你經常回頭看看這份計劃的時候更方便!

In addition to creating your own individual sales plan, it’s important to stay on top of your business development. Business development is one of the first things that must happen in order for you to significantly increase future sales and net profits.

These days, salespeople have constant access to a worldwide pool of potential clients. It’s become important to weigh which leads are worth your effort. Learning how to properly qualify a sales lead can be the difference between landing an exciting new business deal or wasting your time and money.

除了創建你自己的個人銷售計劃之外,很重要的一點是把職業發展放在首位。 職業發展是必須要考慮的事之一,是為了讓你未來的銷售量和凈收入的顯著增長。

現在,銷售人員能聯繫到全世界的潛在使用者。 所以權衡潛在使用者是否值得你去花精力變得很重要。 要學習怎麼恰當的核准潛在客戶的資質,要麼你就得到一筆激動人心的大生意,要麼就是浪費你的人力物力。

Three things to keep in mind… Contain your enthusiasm, ask the right questions of your sales prospects, and analyze your leads. Every sales opportunity is not worth pursuing! So don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Long-term profitability, sustainability, and compatibility are important factors to consider when qualifying leads and building your business.

That’s all the time we have today folks. Thank you all for joining me and remember, the bottom line is that without a well thought-out personal sales plan, you’re always a step behind those competitors who are already prepared. This can be an invaluable tool that assists in increasing your sales, driving higher net profits and earning you far more take-home pay.

Thank you everyone!

把三件事記在心裡… 保持熱情、問你的潛在客戶正確的問題、分析你的潛在客戶。 不是每筆銷售機會都值得苦苦追尋的! 所以不要因小失大。 長期的利潤、可持續性和可協調性是對事業有利的、合格的潛在客戶的的重要因素。

我們今天就說這麼多。 感謝大家今天到場,記住,底線是如果你沒有一個個人銷售計劃的好想法,你總是會落後於那些準備充分的競爭對手。 這可以是你增加銷售業績、提高凈利潤及實得工資的無價之寶。


Let's Practice

Make it right.

It’s become important to ______ which leads are worth your effort.


 Every sales opportunity is not __________ pursuing.


“They should provide you with a blueprint” means: _____ .

A.They should provide you with a layout.
B.They should provide you with a print.
C.They should provide you with a blue printed paper.
D.They should provide you with a schedule.

Every sales opportunity is not worth __________!


 Three things to keep in mind…  __(1.)__ your __(2.)__, ask the right questions of your sales  __(3.)__, and analyze your leads.

hide / contain / happiness /enthusiasm / customers / prospects


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What will be your sales technique when you are selling a product? Act as if your teacher is a potential buyer, and sell a product to him / her.