Unit 23
Buying a gift

Oversea life/Daily Communication


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What gift have you recently given? Who did you give it to?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. advice (n.) 意見
What gift does she like? Give me an advice!
她喜歡什麼禮物? 給我個建議!

2. wedding (n.) 婚禮
Are you ready for the wedding?

3. gift (n.) 禮物
John got me a piano as a gift!

4. registry (n.) 禮單
Have you checked the registry?

5. bribe (n.) 賄賂
Did he bribe you?

6. invite (adj.) 邀請
Anne did not invite me to their wedding.

7. crystal (n.) 水晶
The ring has crystal in it.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Hi, Theresa. Could I ask you for some advice?
嗨,Theresa。 我能問一下你的意見嗎?

Sure, Theo. What is it?
當然啦,Theo。 什麼事啊?

My American friends, Lance and Laura, invited me to their wedding. I want to get them a gift. But I don’t know what to buy. Can you please help me?
我的美國朋友,Lance和Laura。 邀請我去參加他們的婚禮。 我想給他們一份禮物,但是我不知道送什麼好。 你能幫我嗎?

I can try. Do you have the invitation? Here, it says, “Registered at Bath and Barn.” That means your friends have made a list of all the gifts they hope to receive. If you buy them a gift from this registry, they will be very pleased.
我試試吧。 你收到請柬了嗎? 這裡說,“在Bath and Barn有結婚禮單”,意思是你的朋友已經列出了一系列他們想 收到的結婚禮物。 如果你到這家店去買上面寫著的禮物,他們會很高興的。

Wonderful! I also need to buy some gifts for my business clients. Is there a registry for that?
太好了! 我還要給我的客戶買點禮物。 他們在那裡也會列禮品單嗎?

No, not for business gifts! Registries are for getting married, having a baby, and decorating a home. For business gifts, you have to be very careful. Giving an expensive gift might seem to be a bribe.
不是不是,不是給商務往來送禮的! 婚禮禮單是為新人,准媽媽,和裝修房子準備的。 商務送禮的話必須非常謹慎,送太貴重的可能會有行賄之嫌。

What can I do?

Usually, inviting a client to a meal or giving a client tickets to a special event is safe.

Ok, got it.

Look, I found Lance and Laura’s wedding registry online! There are so many items on this list. Which gift will you buy?
你看,我在網上找到了Lance and Laura的結婚禮單! 單子上有不少可以選擇呢,你想買哪個?氣把員警都叫來。

How about this clock? It’s $39.99.
這個鬧鐘怎麼樣? 39.99美金。

Too bad, someone has already bought the clock! You should select another gift on the list. Here you see the items still available.
真不巧,已經有人買下這個鬧鐘了! 你要從單子上重新選一個禮物。 這裡是可選的專案。

Then I will buy these crystal candlestick holders. They’re lovely.

Let's Practice

Make it right.

Lance and Laura, _____ me to their wedding.


 If you buy them a gift from this registry, they will be very ______.


“Giving an expensive gift might seem to be a bribe.”means: _____.

A.The gift might seem to be a bait.
B.The gift might seem to be a pay-off.
C.The gift might seem to be a incentive.
D.The gift might seem to be a trap.

Could I ask you for some _______?


I also need to __(1.)__ some gifts for my business __(2.)__. Is there a __(3.)__ for that?

buy  /get / registry / list / customers / clients


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.Why do you think gifts make people happy?