planning a party

Unit 21
House Party

Oversea life/Leisure and Entertainment


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

Have you attended a house party? How was your experience?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. gathering (n.) 聚會
What food will you bring to the gathering?

2. invited (v.) 邀請
Nah, I am not invited.

3. potluck (n.) 百樂餐
I was thinking of bringing potluck for lunch!

4. foodie (n.) 吃貨
I am a foodie and I love cooking!

5. hors d’oeuvres (n.) 小食拼盤
The hors d’oeuvres is so delicious!

6. lushes (adj.) 酒鬼
Jess and Aaron are lushes. They love alcohol.
Jess和Aaron都酒鬼。 他們喜歡喝酒。

7. spirits (n.) 烈酒
I have rum, vodka, and other spirits.

8. margarita  (n.) 瑪格麗特雞尾酒
Give me water. I do not like margarita.
給我水。 我不喜歡瑪格麗塔。


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Thanks for your help, Brook. The apartment is almost clean and ready for our gathering. How many people do you think are coming tonight?
謝謝你來幫忙Brook。 房間基本上已經打掃乾淨可以聚會了。 你覺得今晚有多少人會來?

I invited everyone on Facebook. So I think it’s going to be pretty big.

Cool. So what are we going to do about food and drinks for everyone?

It’s a potluck so everyone is supposed to bring something to share. Tony is going to order some pizzas and Trish is bringing snacks. Freddy said he wants to make authentic sushi for everyone.
因為是百樂餐聚會所以每個人都應該要帶一些東西來一起吃。 Tony會點一些披薩,Trish會帶一些零食,Freddy說他想要給大家做一些正宗的壽司。

Awesome. And my foodie friend, Susie, is bringing a plate of fancy hors d’oeuvres. What about drinks?
太棒了。 還有我的吃貨朋友Susie,她會帶一盤拼盤小吃過來。 飲料喝什麼呢?

It’s a BYOB party. I’m sure there will be plenty of alcohol, especially if Brian and his friends come.
這是個自帶酒水的派對。 我相信酒水肯定足夠的,特別是如果Brain和他朋友要來的話。

Yeah, those guys are all lushes. Especially Jess. He is really into making all sorts of mixed drinks.
是啊,這些人都酗酒成性,特別是Jess。 他真是喜歡調各種酒水飲料啊。

Isn’t he the one that used to bartend at that club downtown?

Yes, I think it was called “Noyz”. Anyway, we should stock up the liquor cabinet with rum, vodka, and other spirits so he can make us all some cocktails.
是啊,我覺得那家酒吧叫”Noyz”。 不管怎麼說,我們酒櫃里應該放上朗姆、伏特加和其他烈酒,這樣他就可以給大家調一些雞尾酒了。

Good idea. I could really use a margarita right now so I hope they get here soon! But I’m thinking that if all these people come, it’s going to get pretty noisy. We should tell the neighbors that we are having some people over tonight. Hopefully, they won’t
get too upset and call the police.
好主意啊。 我現在真想喝一點瑪格麗特酒,所以我希望他們快點來! 但是我覺得這些人來了之後會很吵。 我應該和我鄰居說一聲我們今晚會有人過來開派對。 希望他們不會太生氣把員警都叫來。

Okay, I’ll let them know. Oh, and before anybody shows up, we should put some stuff away. Last time I had a house party someone stole a piece of jewelry from my room.
好的,我去告訴他們吧。 哦還有,在所有人來之前我們應該把一些東西放起來。 上次我辦轟趴的時候有人從我房間里偷了一件首飾。

Ugh, I wonder who it was? I’ll bet it was Ben’s girlfriend. I heard a rumor that she was arrested for shoplifting at the mall. Let’s put all our valuables in my closet and then we can lock my room. I don’t want anyone snooping through my stuff!
呃,會是誰呢? 我猜肯定是Ben的女朋友。 我聽說她以前因為在賣場裡順手牽羊被抓起來過。 我們把所有值錢的東西 都放到我的衣櫃里,然後我們可以把我的房門鎖起來。 我不想任何人翻我東西。

(Ding-dong) What was that? Is someone here already? I don’t know who it is. Do you know him, Brook?
(門鈴聲)那是什麼聲音? 已經有人來了嗎? 我不知道是誰。 你認識他嗎,Brook?

No, but it’s probably a friend of Luke’s. You can let him in. Let’s get this party started!
不認識,但可能是Luke的朋友。 讓他進來吧,讓我們開始派對吧!

Let's Practice

Make it right.

So what are we going to do about food and drinks for ________?

2.every one

 Isn’t he the one that used to

______ at that club downtown?


“I don’t want anyone snooping through my stuff! ?”means: ______ .

A.I don’t want anyone prying.
B.I don’t want anyone stealing.
C.I don’t want anyone smelling.
D.I don’t want anyone questioning.

 Let‘s put all our _______ in my closet and then we can lock my room.


We should tell the __(1.)__ that we are having some __(2.)__ over tonight. Hopefully, they won’t get too __(3.)__ and call the police

homebodies / neighbors  /people /person  /angry  / upset


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.How would you organize your own house party? Who would you invite?