Unit 19
iOS vs. Android

Oversea life/Daily communication


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What system is does your phone have? Is it the iOS or the Android system?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. tech-savvy (phr.) 技術嫻熟的
We need some tech-savvy people to solve this problem.

2. iOS (phr.) 蘋果操作系統
IPhone has an iOS system.

3. Android (n.) 安卓操作系統
Samsung has an Android system.

4. platforms (n.) 平臺
What browsing platforms do you use?

5. sync (v.) 同步
Sync your emails into one.

6. cloud (n.) 雲存儲
Use the free 15gb cloud storage!

7. customize (v.) 自定義
Do you want to customize your phone?

8. features  (n.) 功能
What are Nokia’s special features this year?


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Hey Ben! You’re the most tech-savvy guy I know. I need to get a new smartphone, but I can’t decide what kind to get. What do you think?
嘿Ben! 你是我認識的對技術方面最嫻熟的人了。 我想要買一部新的智能手機,但是我不知道要買哪個。 你有什麼想 法嗎?

Apple iOS and Android are both great mobile platforms. Until now, iOS phones have been really popular. But Android phones are catching up. Many users feel that Android offers them more security and control.
蘋果和安卓的手機操作系統都很好。 到目前為止,蘋果手機一直都很受歡迎。 但是安卓手機迎頭趕上。 很多人覺得安卓給使用者更多的安全感及可操控性。

How so?

The new iOS 20 makes you sync your contacts with Cloud. That means your personal information is on the internet and is not secure. But Android doesn’t make you do that. There’s also a lot of features on Android that let you customize your experience.
最新的iOS20操作系統可以讓你雲存儲你的聯繫人。 這就意味著你的個人資訊被放在網上,並不安全。 但安卓不讓你這 麼做。 安卓上的很多功能都能讓你根據自己的習慣自定義。

More features than on iOS?

Yes, because Android has a more open platform than iOS for both developers and  users. That’s a plus for people like me! I like to tinker with phones. Android also offers lots  of free apps. iOS has the iTunes App Store, which has a lot of apps too.
是的,因為安卓相對蘋果來說對開發者和用戶的平臺都更開放。 這對像我一樣的人是個額外的好處! 我喜歡把玩手 機。 安卓還提供很多免費軟體。 蘋果系統有iTunes蘋果商店,它也有很多應用軟體。

I’m already used to the iTunes App Store. All the best apps come to iOS first. For example, there’s a video streaming app that I would like to try. It’s only available at the App Store.
我進習慣iTunes蘋果網店了。 所有最佳軟體都是先有蘋果版。 比如,有一款我很想試試的流媒體軟體,只有在蘋果網店才有。

That’s because many developers create apps for iOS first, and Android second. iOS apps are also updated regularly. Many people say the iOS platform is reliable, consistent, and easy to use.
那是因為許多開發者先給蘋果系統開發軟體,再給安卓開發。 蘋果軟體一直在更新。 很多人說蘋果操作系統很可靠,很穩定,也很容易上手。

If that’s the case, I’ll go with iOS. I don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to use my phone. Thanks for your help, Ben!
那樣的話,我還是選蘋果吧。 我不想花很多時間學怎麼用手機。 謝謝你的説明,Ben!

Anytime, Rochelle.

Let's Practice

Make it right.

Many users feel that Android offers them more security and ________.


There’s also a lot of features on Android that let you _________ your experience.


“You‘re the most tech-savvy guy I know” means: _____.

A.You’re the most IT literate guy.
B.You’re the most nerdish guy.
C.You’re the most geeky guy.
D.You’re the most computer nerd guy.

More ________ than on iOS?


But Android doesn’t make you do that. There’s also a lot of__(1.)__  on Android that let you __(2.)__ your __(3.)__.

programs / features / create / customize / experience / memories


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What do you think is the advantage of the iOS phones compared to the android phones?