Unit 11
5G might just become a reality

New Knowledge/Fun Science


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What do you think about the Age of 5G? What is the difference of 5G to other network ages?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. overhyped (v.) 過度炒作,誇大
New Phones nowadays are overhyped by the media.

2. instantaneous (adj.)  瞬間的,即刻的
The reaction of the audience was instantaneous. 

3. low latency (phr.) 低延遲
This phone has low latency.

4. seamless (adj.) 順利的;連續的
The phone’s specs made streaming seamless.

5. spotty (adj.) 時好時壞的,參差不齊的
The phone’s network is usually spotty.

6. iron out the kinks (idi.) 解決小問題,改正小毛病
The factory aims to iron out the kinks.

7. future proofing (phr.) 不會過時的,面向未來的
The phone is fixed for future proofing.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Hey, hey! The iPhone 12 is finally out! Are you gonna get one and finally switch to 5G?
嘿,嘿! iPhone 12終於出來了!你要不要買一部然後就能用上5G了?

Probably not. I feel like it’s been overhyped, and it isn’t all that different from 4G.

I’d disagree. 5G is insanely fast. It’s almost instantaneous. And with extra low latency, streaming is virtually seamless.
我不覺得。 5G快得驚人,幾乎是即刻響應的。而且因為極低的延遲,在線看視頻太流暢了。

Perhaps, but coverage is still super spotty, and non-existent in rural areas.

For the time being, but eventually they’ll iron out the kinks. Think of it as future-proofing.

I guess, but I just don’t know if it’s all it’s chalked up to be.

Well, think about the wider implications. High-speed data transfers will enable autonomous vehicles to better assess danger and implement life-saving measures more quickly.

I suppose. With the rise of telemedicine, it might eventually pave the way to remote surgery as well.

See! Progress! Personally, I’m excited for more responsive cloud-based gaming and augmented reality.

True. With the enhanced ability to access and project location-specific data, it would revolutionize the way we interact with the city.

Yup! It all seems pretty sci-fi, but with 5G it might just become a reality.


Iron out the kinks

“To iron out the kinks” is an idiom that means to fix or solve the small problems or flaws. It’s frequently used

for technology, business or projects. Simply put, a “kink” is a small twist or bend in something that should be

straight, like a pipe. Thus, metaphorically, “kinks” refer to problems that are typically small and can be fixed or

“ironed out.“


There are several variations of this idiom:

•work out the kinks
•fix the kinks
•smooth out the kinks

1. The new program crashed my computer, but eventually, I worked out the kinks.

2. Our team got off to a rough start but eventually smoothed out the kinks.

3. The developers released a new update, so hopefully it’ll smooth out the kinks in the game.

4. _____________________________________________________________________.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What do you think are the advantages of the age of 5G?
2.What do you think are the disadvantages of the age of 5G?