Unit 19
How to unplug from work?

Overseas Life/Daily Communication


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What do you think makes working stressful?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. unplug (v.) 暫時從… 中脫離
How can I unplug from work?

2. my mind is still spinning (phr.) 我的大腦還在運轉
My mind is still spinning at night.

3. ruminating (v.) 沉思,長時間思考
Have you ever experienced ruminating?

4. compulsion (n.) 強烈衝動;強烈慾望
There is no compulsion on students to attend classes.

5. immerse (n.) 浸入、沉浸
It is stressful to immerse yourself in work.

6. burning out (n.) 極度勞累;疲勞過度
How do you keep yourself from burning out?

7. channel (n.) 引導;把… 匯入,將… 引入
You have to channel your stress correctly.

8. meditation (n.) 沉思,默想;冥想
He reached his decision only after much meditation.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Hi, Sarah. What’s on your mind today?
嗨,Sarah。 今天你感覺怎麼樣?

I can’t seem to unplug from work. I get home every day but my mind is still spinning all night.
我好像沒法從工作中脫離出來。 我每天下班回家后,大腦還是整晚不停地在轉。

Do you find yourself ruminating about the work you’ve done that day?

All the time! I keep thinking about incomplete work or how I could’ve done better. It’s been affecting my sleep, too.
沒完沒了! 我一直忍不住去想還沒完成的工作,或者我本來如何能做得更好。 已經影響到我的睡眠了。長期記憶力。

I’m not surprised. The compulsion to immerse yourself in work can have physical side effects.
這也正常。 強迫自己埋頭工作確實可能導致身體上的副作用。

So, am I burning out?

No, you’re fine. You just need to channel your energy into something else, like working out, for example.
沒有,你沒事。 你只是需要把精力轉移到一些別的事情上,比如運動。

What about starting a new hobby?

Yes, new challenges can do wonders. There are also smaller habits, like meditation or scheduling free time, that is effective.
可以的,新的挑戰可能帶來意想不到的效果。 有一些小習慣也很有用,比如說冥想,或者計劃好空閑時間。

Okay. Maybe a vacation would help me decompress, too.
好的。 或許度個假也能幫我減壓。

I think it would. For now, I’d like you to keep a journal about how you feel. We can go through it next time.
我覺得會的。 目前來說,我建議你寫寫日記,把你的感受記錄下來。 下次我們可以一起看一下。

A journal? If you say so, doc.
日記嗎? 既然你建議的話,那我寫吧。


To do wonders

The phrase “do/work wonders” means that something has an extremely strong effect, and it‘s almost always something that’s beneficial. The verb “do” or “work” are both used, and when talking in generalities, we often say “can do/work wonders.” Just be careful to remember that “wonders” is always in the plural form in this phrase.

1. A good night’s sleep can do wonders for your mood.

2. This new lotion will work wonders on your skin.

3. The new CEO is doing wonders for the company. We’re back on top.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.How do you unplug from work? How do you relax and de-stress?