Unit 24
Dealing with procurement

Workplace English/Communication in Workplace


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

What do you think is the job of a procurement officer?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. closed the deal  (phr.) 完成交易
John closed the deal yesterday!

2. procurement (n.) 採購
The procurement office will buy our needs.

3. tendering (adj.) 招標
David has hired a tendering service.

4. seasoned (n.) 有經驗的,老手
He is a seasoned manager!

5. negotiation (n.) 談判
The negotiation with Mr. Lim was good!

6. return on investment (phr.) 投資回報
The return of investment will be seen in a year.

7. compelling (adj.) 有說服力的
The price is compelling me to buy.

8. concession (n.) 讓步
The matter was settled because they made mutual concessions.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Hey Dave, I was wondering if you had a minute. I really need your help with something.

Sure, Jeff. What is it that I can help you with?
當然有,Jeff。 要我幫什麼忙?

I’ve been trying to close this big account for about a month now. I carved out a
strategy for every stage of the sales process and I finally had a meeting with the department head last week. He loved my sales pitch with the products that we are offering and he gave the go ahead for the purchase.
這筆大單我都快忙了一整個月了。 我為銷售的每個步驟都開創了新的策略,上周終於和部門經理會面了。 聽了我對產品的描述,他很喜歡,然後決定要購買我們產品。

That’s great. It appears you are getting more familiar with the sales process. It’s excellent that you have made it to the final stage.
那很棒啊。 看起來你對銷售工作的流程越來越得心應手了。 你能走到最後一步真是太好啦。

Thanks. I really thought I had closed the deal. However, I was passed on to the procurement department and they are giving me a hard time with the pricing and are considering going through a tendering process to bring in other bidders. I know that you are a seasoned salesman and an expert in this department and I was hoping that you could give me some advice on how to deal with this.
謝謝。 我也認為這筆交易算完成了。 但是,之後我被轉去和採購部門洽談,他們在定價的問題上可沒給我好果子吃,他們想走招標流程再引入其他招標者。 我知道你是銷售老手,也是這個部門里的專家,我希望你能給我提點建議應該怎 麼處理這件事。

First of all, don’t panic. Dealing with procurement is part of our job. It’s a negotiation process. They mostly want to get the best price for their firm. What you need to do is to convince them the key value of our products and services.
首先,不要慌。 和採購部門鬥智鬥勇本就是我們工作的一部分。 這是一個洽談性的過程。 他們最主要的訴求就是能為自己的公司贏得一個最划算的價格。 你要做的就是讓他們相信我們公司產品和服務的核心價值。

I am really confident that what we offer can help solve their key problems. I have a ton of case studies from similar types of clients that can show how we can help alleviate those issues for them.
我們的產品能解決他們的主要問題,我對此很有信心。 我做了一大堆相似類型客戶的案例研究,這些案例都表明我們能夠解決他們的問題。

That’s a great idea. I think you are on the right track. You should also look into how you can ensure them a great return on investment.
這是個好主意。 我覺得你的思路很正確。 你也應該看看如何向他們保證投資能夠得到豐厚回報。

Right, I will compile an analysis on how we can help them reduce risks and costs.

I also find it helpful to identify the things that are priorities to them. You should also study the competition to make sure that you make a compelling argument of why they should choose us.
我發現找到他們優先考慮的事項也很有用。 你也應該研究下競爭情況,好說服他們選擇我們公司。

What about prices? We are not going to be the lowest bidder. But I am sure we have the best product for them.
價格方面呢? 我們的出價不會是最低。 但我相信我們能為他們提供最好的產品。

You’ve nailed it. You need to have confidence that the client understands the true value of our product. What’s your assessment?
你抓住關鍵了。 你要有信心,客戶明白我們產品的真正價值。 你說呢?

I think their department heads really see our value. But procurement might just want to find the cheapest option.
我覺得他們部門領導是看得出我們產品的價值。 但採購部門可能只想挑最便宜的。

Not necessarily. In my experience, procurement will support the business unit’s
decision if they see your true value. Remember it’s a negotiating process. You might need to make some concession on price or throw in extra services. But the most important is to hold your ground and find an effective, constructive, and fair outcome for everyone.
也不一定。 從我的經驗來看,如果採購部看出你的產品真有價值,那他們會支持業務部的決定。 要記住,這是個談判。 你可能得在價格上做出讓步,或者提出其他服務。 但最重要的是,堅守陣地,找出一個對人人都有效,有建設性,公平的結果。

Thanks, Dave. This was some really great advice. After speaking with you I feel more confident that I will be able to get this deal done.
Dave謝謝你。 這些建議都好極了。 和你聊完,我對自己能夠拿下這筆生意更有信心了。


Embedded Questions

An embedded question is a question included in another question or statement. Embedded questions feel less sudden or harsh, and have a softening effect. Embedded questions in statements and questions follow the same pattern. Because embedded questions are noun clauses, they follow the structure of a statement and not a question. sound polite.”

1. Do you know what the requirements are for the proposal?

2. Do you remember when the deadline is for this project?

3. Can you tell me the name of the department manager?

4. I don’t know how I’ll be able to negotiate this contract. It’s so hard to convince procurement!

5. I can’t remember why I decided to get a job in sales.

6. He’s not sure if he can have the presentation completed by morning.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.How will you invite costumers to buy your products?