Unit 22
Canceling a Cell Phone Contract

Overseas life/Daily communication


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

How did you acquire your phone? Was it given to you? or did you buy it or applied for an installment for it?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. cancel (v.) 取消
Can you cancel my contract?

2. contract (n.) 合約
Your contract will end in 9 months.

3. signal (n.) 信號
Give me a go signal if it is okay.

4. dropping calls (phr.) 電話掉線
I have been dropping calls to avoid confrontation.

5. coverage (n.) 覆蓋率
What is the period coverage of the warranty?

6. fit my present needs (phr.) 滿足我目前的需求
The phone fits my present needs.

7. data (n.) 數據
The cloud also saves my data.

8. waive (v.) 放棄
By participating in this activity, you waive the right to sue our company.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Welcome to TalkShop. I’m Bruce. How may I help you today?
歡迎光臨TalkShop,我是Bruce。 請問有什麼可以幫您的嗎?

Hi, Bruce. I would like to cancel my cell phone contract.

I am sorry to hear that. What seems to be the problem, ma’am?

My main complaint is that I can’t get a cell phone signal in my own house! Besides  that, my phone is constantly dropping calls.
我最大的問題就是我手機在家收不到信號。 除此之外,我的手機打電話老是掉線!

We do apologize for that. We are currently upgrading our cell phone towers and expanding coverage citywide. I see from the address on your account that you live in a rural area. This may explain the spotty coverage and dropped calls. How does everything work for you when you get closer in to town?
我們非常抱歉。 我們目前正在升級我們的手機信號塔並擴展全市範圍的信號覆蓋率。 我看到您帳號所在的位址是在郊區,這解釋了您信號差和電話掉線的問題。 在靠近市區的時候情況怎麼樣?

It’s slightly better. But I work from home, so that’s where I need to make most of my calls from. I’ve been having a lot of problems making and receiving calls, and it’s hurting my business. I don’t really have a choice but to cancel the contract.
稍微好一點點。 但是我在家工作,所以我要從家裡打電話。 我打出去和接進來的電話都有很多問題,這影響到我的業 務了。 除了取消合約我別無選擇。

Ma’am, you signed a two-year contract with TalkShop. If you cancel today, there is a $300 early cancellation fee.

The contract does not fit my present needs. I simply can’t make calls, and I need more data and texting options.
這個合同沒辦法滿足我目前的需求。 我根本沒辦法打電話,而且我需要更多的數據流量及簡訊量。

I can see where you’re coming from, ma’am. But we do have a policy that requires us to charge you a fee for breaking your contract. If you want to avoid that, I could look into upgrading your service plan for you. That way, you don’t have to pay the early cancellation fee and you get a higher level of service.
我理解您的難處,女士。 但是我們公司確實有規定如果您違約是要支付一筆違約費的。 如果您不想支付違約費的話,我可以幫您看看是不是可以升級您的服務。 這樣的話,您就不需要支付違約費,還可以升級您的服務。

Not at this time. I understand your policy, but because of poor service I can’t use my phone when I need it most. So I would appreciate it if you could cancel my contract and waive the early cancellation fee for me.

這次就算了。 我知道你們的規定,但是是因為你們服務太差勁,在我最需要的時候根本用不了。 所以請你幫我取消合約,也幫我把違約費取消。

Let me talk to my manager and I’ll see what we can do.

Thanks. And I’ll also need you to unlock my phone so I can take my business to another carrier.
謝謝。 而且我還需要你們把我的手機解鎖了,這樣我可以訂購其他運營商的服務。


The Emphatic ‘Do’(助動詞do)

To add emphasis to present or simple past tense verbs, add the auxiliary verb ‘do’ before the main verb. When speaking or reading these sentences, the main word stressed is ‘do’. Use this form when negating others, or to make a point.

1. We do apologize for that.

2. We do have a policy that requires us to charge you a fee.

3. Stop complaining that you can’t drive when you do have a car!

4. That wool shawl wasn’t very flattering, but I did like that cotton turtleneck.

5. Maybe Rick didn’t call me, but he did send me a happy face emoticon.

6. We don’t have a sample of that tile in slate gray, but we do have one in sandstone.


Make a conversation with your teacher.