unit 20.2

Unit 05

English for the workplace/Communication in workplace


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

Have you tried teleconferencing? How was your experience?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. connection (n.) 連接
My internet connection is not really good.

2. on the line (phr.) 電話在線
We have John on the line.

3. based  (adj.) 在某地
I am based in California.

4. headquarters (n.) 總部
The headquarters is located in Spain.

5. satellite offices (phr.) 分部
How many satellite offices do we have?

6. conference calls (n.) 電話會議
How will we respond to all conference calls?

7. breaking up (n.) 斷線
Your voice is breaking up.

8. dropped (adj.) 斷線
Hey, I think  Joan dropped the call.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Alright, is everyone here? Is the connection clear?
好了,大家都在嗎? 聽得清楚嗎?

Yeah, I think we’re good to go, Ben.

Excellent. Thank you for joining us Stephanie. I’ve got Jeremy on the line with us from Smart Learning School. Jeremy, tell me again, where are you based?
非常好。 謝謝你加入我們Stephanie。 我這邊有從斯馬特學院來的Jeremy在線。 Jeremy,再告訴我一下,你們公室在哪兒?

Our office is in Dallas, Texas. And you guys are in New York, right?
我們辦公室在德州的達拉斯。 你們在紐約對嗎?

Nice, I used to live in Dallas! But now I’m actually at our headquarters in
Paris. Stephanie here is in one of our satellite offices in New York though. She
is our Sales Manager for most of our accounts in America.
好啊,我以前住在達拉斯。 但實際上我現在在我們巴黎的總部。 不過Stephanie是我們紐約分部的,她是負責大部分美國客戶的銷售經理。

Oh wow, Paris? What time is it for you over there then?
哦,哇,巴黎嗎? 你們那兒現在幾點了?

It’s actually almost 10:00P.M. here now, but I’m used to late conference calls, so it’s no big deal!
實際上這裏已經快晚上十點了。 但是我對晚上的電話會議已經習慣了,所以不成問題!

(static) Um, hey guys… you’re breaking up here. Can you still hear me?
(停頓) 嗯,大家… 你們說話有點斷斷續續的。 你們聽得到我說話嗎?

Stephanie? Oh… I think her call just dropped. Jeremy, give me a minute to reconnect with Stephanie. Once I get her back on the line, I’ll go over the agenda with you two.
Stephanie? 哦… 我覺得她電話掉線了。 Jeremy,給我一點時間再打給Stephanie。 我聯繫上她之後,我把日程和你們倆說一下。

Ok. That’ll include a demo of your website too, right?

Yes, of course. We’ll get the screen sharing hooked up and Stephanie will give you a demo of our website. Then I’ll review our different online training packages with you. And we’ll wrap it up with a little Q and A session. Let me call Stephanie back first and then I’ll go over our agenda in more detail with you two.
是的,沒錯。 我們會連上共享螢幕,然後Stephanie會給你我們網站的樣板。 然後我會給你看一下我們不同的在線培訓手冊。 最後我們會以問答環節結束會議。 先讓我給Stephanie打回去然後我會告訴你們日程的安排。

Ok, sounds good. Just let me know when you’re ready.
好的,聽起來不錯。 你準備好了就告訴我。

Let's Practice

Make it right.

Oh… I think her call just _______.


Jeremy, give me a minute to _____________ with Stephanie.


“That’ll include a demo of your website too,” means: ____ .

A.a video is included.
B.a demonstration is included.
C.a tutorial is included.
D.a show is included.

That’ll include a _________ of your website too, right?


Excellent. Thank you for __(1.)__ us Stephanie. I’ve got Jeremy on the ___(2.)___ with us from Smart Learning School. Jeremy,___(3.)___, where are you based?

join / tell me again / joining / connection / line / repeat


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.What do you think is the disadvantage of having a conference online? What do you think are its disadvantage?