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Unit 33
Making business introductions

Oversea Life/Understanding Culture


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

Why do you think is it important to have your own business introduction?


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. long-time (adj.) 長時間的
She is a long-time friend of the family.

2. boutique (n.) 精品店
Where is your boutique located?

3. high-profile (adj.) 地位高、知名度高
You are a high-profile businessman.

4. metro (n.) 都市、市區
My boutique is located in the metro.

5. elsewhere (adv.)其他地方
We are expanding elsewhere and not here.

6. expanded (adj.) 擴張
I already expanded our operations.

7. branding (n.) 品牌宣傳
The logo is good for branding.

8. seamlessly (adj.) 無縫的
Effortless. You seamlessly fixed the logo! Wow!


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Suzanna, come over here for a second. I want to introduce you to my long-time friend Fred.
Suzanna,過來一下。 我想給你介紹一下我的老朋友Fred。

Hi Fred

Nice to meet you, Suzanna.

Suzanna started her own boutique design agency here in the city last year and they’ve been doing some fantastic stuff with pretty high-profile clients. Fred is the owner of one of the largest French cafe chains in the metro region and they’re looking to re-do their branding as they expand elsewhere in the state.
Suzanna去年在市裡開了一家自己的精品店設計機構。 他們跟地位很高的顧客做了一些非常棒的工作。 Fred是最大的城區連鎖法式咖啡店店主,他們在國內拓展期間尋求重新包裝。

Oh fantastic! We did some re-branding work for the Bistro du France chain earlier in the year before they expanded to the West Coast.
哦太棒了! 今年早些的時候我們幫Bistro du France連鎖店做了重新包裝,就在他們向西海岸擴張之前。

That was you guys?! I’ve been following their expansion strategy and noticed how seamlessly they had updated their branding. You guys were able to pull off it looking both classic and contemporary at the same time – very impressive stuff.
是你們做的?! 我一直在關注他們的拓張戰略,也注意到他們更新自己品牌的無縫銜接。 你們能把東西做的既經典又有當代的感覺——令人印象深刻。

Thank you! It was a wonderful project to be a part of. Here, here’s my card. Shoot me an email this weekend and we can find a time to meet this next week to discuss possible areas for collaboration on your expansion and rebranding.
謝謝! 能參與那項計劃真是太棒了。 來,這是我的名片。 週末給我發郵件吧,找個時間下週一起聊聊能幫你拓展和重新包裝的潛在合作領域。

Perfect. Here’s my card as well. I’ll definitely be in touch.
太好了! 這是我的名片。 我肯定會聯繫你的。

Let's Practice

Make it right.

I want to _____ you to my longtime friend Fred.


 Nice to _______ you, Suzanna

Boutique is ____ ?

A.a museum of contemporary designs.
B.a small restaurant selling tasty dishes. art gallery exhibiting fashionable clothes.
D.a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories.

High-profile means ____.

A.resulting in a profit or an advantage.
B.attracting a lot of attention and interest from the public.
C.very skilled and experienced.
D.a short description of someone’s life.


Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.Imagine yourself having a business that you love 5 years from now. How will you introduce yourself and your business in the future?