Unit 24
Designing a logo

English for the workplace/Communication in workplace


Share your ideas with your teacher and try to make sentences.

In your opinion, what famous brand in the marketing industry (shoes, clothes, technology, restaurant etc.) has the most beautiful logo? Explain why.


Repeat  these  sentences  after  your  teacher.

1. dying to know (phr.) 十分想知道
I am dying to know your answer to his proposal.

2. logo (n.) 商標
The apple logo is the most famous logo.

3. versions (n.) 版本
Can you make 2 versions of this design?

4. mixed (adj.) 有好有壞
I have mixed emotions. I am sad but I am also angry.
我百感交集。 我很傷心,但我也很生氣。

5. in line with (idiom.) 符合
In line with the holiday, there will be no classes.

6. image (n.) 形象
Make the image clear in the logo.

7. corporate (adj.) 企業化的
He works in a corporate. Their company is big.
他在企業工作。 他們的公司很大。

8. organic (n.) 有機的  
You should grow your own organic vegetables.


Read the dialogue aloud with your teacher.

Good to see you again Tom. I’m dying to know what you thought of the two logo versions we sent over!
很高興再次見到你,Tom。 我特想知道你對我們發過去的兩個logo版本有什麼看法。

Well Dan, I have to be honest… I’ve gotten mixed feedback from the rest of the branding team. Although I can tell a lot of work went into these, they’re just not in line with the way we want to project our company’s image.
Dan,講實話…… 我從品牌團隊那裡得到的反饋有好有壞。 雖然我知道你花了很大功夫做出來,但它們不符合我們想展現的公司形象。

Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear that! Well, walk me through your thoughts, and we’ll do our best to change that!
噢,我太抱歉了。 好吧,給我講講你的想法,我會盡全力修改。

Thanks. In general, the look of the logo just feels too “corporate.” HomeUp is an app that allows people to buy organic food, and a big part of our company mission is to be an online version of a local farmer’s market. Anything that looks too corporate doesn’t work with that image.
謝謝。 總體來說,logo給人的感覺太“企業氣”了。 HomeUp是一款讓人購買有機食品的app,我們公司想成為 在線的社區農場集市,任何看上去企業氣的設計都與之不符。

Hmm. Well, can you describe what you think makes the logo look too “corporate” right now?
嗯。 那你覺得現在logo的設計哪裡看起來企業氣氛?

I can try. Maybe part of it is the font: a serif font just looks too formal here.
我試一試。 或許一部分是字體的原因,襯線字體看上去太正式了。

Ok. we can definitely base the next version on a sans-serif font.

Also, we need more color and the brown that you use here made us think of old food not fresh, organic food! Stylistically; I think the logo should probably be bright green with yellow accents.
還有,我們需要更多的色彩。 你們用的棕色會讓人覺得食物不新鮮,不是有機的! 在風格上,我覺得logo應該是鮮綠色加上黃色勾勒加強一下。

I see your point.

Finally, we think there needs to be a visual cue in the logo that ties in with food. I don’t know what that might be though. But something has to connect the HomeUp name with food, or people might think we sell gardening supplies!
最後,我們覺得logo裡得有些視覺元素能夠和食物聯繫起來。雖然我不知道具體應該是什麼,但是應該要把 HomeUp這個名字跟食物聯繫起來,要不然人們會以為我們是做園藝工具的。

I know exactly what you mean. I think I understand much better what you’re looking for now! I will get started on redesigning the logo right away.
我完全知道你的意思。 現在我明白你想要什麼了。 我馬上開始重新設計logo。

Thanks, Dan. I can’t wait to see the new version!
謝謝你,Dan。 我期待看新的版本。

Let's Practice

Make it right.

A : ______.
B :Oh no – I’m so sorry to hear that!

1. I’ve gotten mixed feedback from the rest of the branding team.
2.  I see your point.

A : Can you describe what you think makes the logo look too “corporate” right now?
B : ________.

1. I don’t think so.
2. I can try.

Anything that looks too _________ doesn’t work with that image.


 I know exactly what you ___________.



A.relating to designing
B.relating to law
C.relating to advertising
D.relating to companies 

The Apple ____ of iPhone comes from the forbidden fruit in the Bible.


His story is ____ line with that of many other witnesses.


People easily mix dream ____ with reality when they are young.



Make a conversation with your teacher.

1.Think about your favorite store in your community. If you could change its logo, what would be its design? Describe that design and explain why you choose it.